The Equipment Breakdown Insurance : An essential protection to reduce the impact of an accidental breaking.


  • During a thunderstorm, an electric overload causes damage in your electronic equipments. The repair or the replacement of these devices can engender expenses to the company.

  • The breaking of the refrigerated compressor of a butcher's shop causes the loss of a big quantity of meat and the perishable goods entailing a loss of income.

The domino effect of Equipment Breakdown…

As it occur suddenly and accidentally, a breaking of equipment represent much more then a property damage for the company. It  entails a real domino effect because it touches various aspects of the company.

  • The increase in cost to repair, replace, clean up or dispose of affected insured property.

  • Loss due to business interruption.

What includes exactly the coverage for the breakingdown of equipments ?

When we speak about breaking, it is about an unpredictable incident. The breakdown does not mean the deterioration, the corrosion or the erosion of materiel  either the normal wear and tear.

The Insurance for a breakingdown  of equipments covers:

  • The sudden and accidental breaking of an insured equipment;

  • The equipment directly damaged by the breaking.

These are the principal devices that are covered in this protection :

  • Boilers and bowls under pressure

  • The devices of air conditioning, refrigeration or compression

  • Transformers and electric devices

  • Any mechanical devices

  • The electronic devices, among others, the devices of data processing, communication, and the other devices of office automation (computers, photocopiers, phone systems).

By detaining such an Insurance, in case of breakdown, you could be indemnified for:

  • The direct damage in your goods and those that you are legally responsible for

  • The perishable goods

  • The additional costs (such as described previously)

  • The operating loss (such as defined in your insurance policy)

  • The replacement value of the broken equipment and the other goods damaged by the breaking.

It is possible to reduce the impact…

As an owner of a company, you are aware of risks and fatal consequences that could ensue from a breaking of the sudden and accidental equipment. You can never avoid this type of incident but, at least,  you can reduce the impact by getting the adequate protection on your Insurance contract. This protection is not automatically included in your contract.



Did you know ?  You have a duty to provide an inspection for your pressure vessels.

You already detain an Insurance against a breakdown of equipment ? In this case, it is possible that you possess certain pressure devices. As an owner of a company, it is important to know that these devices must be periodically inspected as the Law requires on the device.

To know more about this coverage…

Feel safe, if you are insured with the program of the child care services,  this protection is included in your Insurance policy because you benefit from the best protection on the market.

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Did you know that your insurer is capable of covering the breakdown of equipment ? We often underestimate the importance of this protection and its impact on the financial health of the company.

No company is safe of this...

Services company,  manufacturers, businesses retails, restaurants, child care services,  no company is shielded from an equipment breakdown. See below for some examples: