"Insurers never pay for this type of claim"

• Have you ever heard of horror stories about a claim that was not covered by an insurer?

• Have you ever made a claim that was never paid?

In case you didn’t know, some protections are excluded from insurance contracts, whether they be automobile, home or business.


How to avoid unpleasant surprises:

• Read your insurance policy’s exclusions;

• Follow our communications on the subject.


One of the most common problems with insurance exclusions is gradual deterioration.


For damage insurance, two points must be considered in order to benefit from the risks coverage in case of a disaster:


- mention of risks coverage on your insurance contract;

- The risk must be sudden and accidental, an "a hazardous event that happens unexpectedly".


Case Studies:


Date: August 2017

Region: Quebec City and Area

Amount of damage: To be determined


One of our insured discovered the presence of water in a room next to the bathroom. After investigation, the insured discovered that the problem came from a leak in the wax seal ring (donut) of the toilet. This problem continued undetected over a long period and resulted in rot and caused significant damage to the building.

Date: February 2017

Location: Lanaudiere

Amount of damage: Between $ 5,000 and $ 10,000

Following the presence of a foul odor in the facility, one of our insured discovered a water leak from a main pipe. The wall had to be opened in order to discover the cause. Decay from water leakage occurring over a long period of time resulted in extensive damage.


Date: June 2017

Region: Chaudière-Appalaches

Amount of damage: Approximately $ 30,000


Another case of damage caused by a faulty toilet wax seal (donut) took place earlier this summer. While renovating, one of our insured found signs of mould in the bathroom. The leak went on over a long period of time causing significant damages.


Exclusion from your insurance contract:


Normal wear and tear, rust or corrosion, gradual deterioration, hidden or latent defects or any intrinsic condition of the property which causes deterioration or destruction of a good, as well the expenses arising from the repair of which has been made necessary by reason of faulty:


- materials (choice or use);

- workmanship;

- plans or design;


This exclusion does not apply to damage directly caused by a risk covered under the hereby policy.

Contact us for any queries about insurance policy’s exclusions.